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Welcome to BERGMANROSS (BR&P) Radiology

Welcome to BERGMANROSS (BR&P) and Partners Radiology. We are a private Radiology practice in Cape Town located primarily in the Northern suburb region of the city. We offer a wide spectrum of the most technologically advanced imaging options available. We work in close conjunction with our patients and referring doctors to provide the most relevant, most clinically useful and safest imaging information. Our website will give you a little more information about us, where you can find us and the types of procedures we offer.

Procedures we offer


An image that says Mammogram.Monthly Breast Self-Exam


An image that says MRI.MRI has become the preferred procedure for diagnosing a large number of potential problems or abnormal conditions in many different parts of the body


An image that says Mammography.Risk factors

Signs and Symptoms

An image that says Signs and Symptoms.Signs and Symptons make you aware of the risks.

You can be at Risk

An image that says You can be at Risk.If you have any changes in your breast or if breast cancer runs in your family, you might have to have a mammogram earlier than the age of 40

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