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Teleradiology Service


In the last decade there has been the rapid advancement of digitization of radiological imaging. The result of this is more efficient reporting and throughput of patients. An additional benefit is the fact that being digital these images are stored on computers in the form of picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

This has many benefits, one of which is that the digital images can be accessed from the PACS- system both locally and at a distance in any part of the world, the images can be viewed and analyzed in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Objective

The aim is to provide a radiological service of both efficiency and quality to areas of Africa that do not currently have adequate radiological facilities. This service will be capable to provide interpretation and assessment for all modalities via the entity of distant reporting.

The practice sees the need to have a radiological or non-radiological business partner or partners in each African country where a radiological facility is to be established or is currently established. This business partner could be government or private based.

The Model

The quantum of the latter will require to be established and may vary dependant on circumstances and location. BERGMANROSS (BR&P) and Partners, the providers of the radiological interpretation service, will be reimbursed via a reporting fee the quantum of which will need to be established via further research of the local circumstances.

BERGMANROSS (BR&P) & Partners is not averse to investigating acquiring an interest in the capital equipment. Symington and Partners currently has the facilities, expertise and desire to provide this service to appropriate regions in Africa.